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Heaven-Sense Healing and Training

Spiritual Therapies* Energy Work* Readings* Workshops* Accredited Courses* 

Intuitive Spiritual Healing


Entry Requirement: - None -

The training day starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm for both days

Please read terms and conditions for HSHT before embarking on any course

Intuitive spiritual healing is a very unique therapy that requires the healer to channel divine healing energy to the healee using the healer’s hands to gentle feel the energy field (Aura) and using a light touch to the healee’s body. Healing has been used for well over 3,000 years all over the world and is still widely used today. This course will guide you down a very spiritual journey, connecting you firstly to your own energy and then connecting to the energy of others.

You will learn about different healers past and present, meditation, colours, chakras, aura, sending distant healing and auric healing. 

The Benefits

Intuitive Spiritual Healing brings balance, aids relaxation

Restores equilibrium and allows the body to feel at peace, which in-turn kick starts self healing

When the body, mind and spirit are in harmony and are balanced the bodies energy centres flow uninterrupted.



Peace with oneself and others

Feeling loved

Peaceful thinking, slowing though and feeling



This Course has 4 Units to Complete along with 6 Case Studies, a Journal, a Questionnaire and a Practical Assessment

Unit 1: Professional Standards

• Health and Safety

• Data Protection and Storing Personal Information

• Licensing and local bye laws that may affect your business

• Insurance and membership

• Sales, Acts and marketing

Unit 2: Your Professional Working Environment

• Professionalism/ Code of ethics

• Salon Care, Client Care and Personal Hygiene

• Preparing your Healing Space

• Cleansing your healing space

• Consultation process

• Contra-indications

• Contra- actions /aftercare

• Dealing with a Healing Crisis

Unit 4: Advanced Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Energy Field

• The Wonders of the Human Aura

• Major Chakra System

• Minor Chakras

• Transpersonal Chakra System

• Endocrine System

• The Nadis System

• Working with Colour

Unit 11: Intuitive Spiritual Healing

1. Understanding what Intuitive Spiritual Healing is.

  • Introduction, Course Aim and Objectives
  • The Philosophy of Healing
  • Healers Through the Years
  • What is Intuition and Being an Intuitive
  • What is Energy and How Does it affect Us

2. How to Protect and Anchor Your Energy

  • Grounding and Anchoring your Energy
  • The Wellbeing of the Healer
  • Ways to Keep Your Energy Protected

3. Meditation

  • What is Meditation
  • Pyramid Meditation
  • Visualisation

4. Linking and Blending to the Spirit Realms

  • Attuning Your Vibration to the Spiritual Realms
  • Linking to Spirit Guides and Helpers
  • Different Varieties of Spiritual Beings
  • Absent and Distant Healing
  • Auric Healing
  • Setting the Intent to Work

5. Practical 2 days Training

  • Grounding and Protection
  • Pyramid Meditation for Self-Healing
  • Pyramid Meditation for Distant Healing
  • Absent Healing Methods
  • Visualisation Meditation
  • Linking to the Spiritual Realms
  • Dowsing Clients Remotely
  • Using Gentle Hands-on/ Touch
  • Grounding and Protection
  • Setting the Intent/ Connect
  • Perform a Full Intuitive Spiritual Healing Treatment

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