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Heaven-Sense Healing and Training

Spiritual Therapies* Energy Work* Readings* Workshops* Accredited Courses* 

Angel Reiki


Entry Requirement: - Usui Reiki Master Teacher

The training day starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm

Please read terms and conditions for HSHT before embarking on any course

Angel Reiki is a powerful love rich system to connect to the Angels and make best use of the Usui Reiki System. The traditional four Reiki symbols are incorporated; each is associated with one of the four Archangels. The Archangels are Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel. You may later find as you draw in this beautiful angelic light you may find other Archangels begin to step forward too to assist with healing and guidance. This Training day will attune you to the four Archangels, teach you how to draw them in for healing and teach you how to attune other. This universal healing system combined with the Archangel vibration is a beautiful heart felt vibration. It feels powerful to the healer yet the healee will feel gentleness and nurturing as they rest and receive this wonderful healing.


Promotes Health and Well-being

• Feeling deeply relaxed and stress free

• Supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

• Clears out energy blockages from the physical body as well as the spiritual bodies.

• revitalizes and restores power to the physical body and to all levels of the spiritual bodies.

• Re-establishes spiritual, mental, and emotional balance, harmony, and well-being.

• Cleanses the physical body and our entire being of poisons and toxins.

• Adjusts and works in co-operation with the individual’s Higher Self/God- self and his or her truest desires and needs.

• Strengthens Self-Esteem.

• Restores feelings of peace, joy, and profound love, enhances personal awareness.

• Assists in the release of stored emotions, memories, and old belief systems, etc.

• Assets all other healing modalities.

• Acts as a gentle aid for those in the transition called death; enabling a person to leave their present life in peace and open to the new life before them.

Course Content

This Course has 4 Units to Complete along with 3 Case Studies, a Questionnaire and a Practical Assessment

Unit 1: Professional Standards

• Health and Safety

• Data Protection and Storing Personal Information

• Licensing and local bye laws that may affect your business

• Insurance and membership

• Sales, Acts and marketing

Unit 2: Your Professional Working Environment

• Professionalism/ Code of ethics

• Salon Care, Client Care and Personal Hygiene

• Preparing your Healing Space

• Cleansing your healing space

• Consultation process

• Contra-indications

• Contra- actions /aftercare

• Dealing with a Healing Crisis

Unit 4: Advanced Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Energy Field

• The Wonders of the Human Aura

• Major Chakras System

• Minor Chakras

• Transpersonal Chakra System

• Endocrine System

• The Nadis System

• Working with Colour

Unit 8: Angel Reiki

1 Introduction

  • Introduction, Course Aim and Objectives
  • The History of Angels
  • Benefits of Angelic Reiki

2 The Angelic Reiki System

  • The Angelic Reiki System
  • The archangels of the Four Directions
  • The Archangels and their Symbols
  • Other Archangels
  • Angelic Crystal Index
  • Archangel Flash Cards
  • Lineage

3 Attunement and Full Healing Routine

  • Meditation for Grounding & Protecting
  • Your attunement to the Angelic Reiki System
  • How to attune students to the Angelic Reiki System
  • Full Angelic Healing Routine Using Crystals

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